Thursday, October 9, 2008

The DIY Misalette

by: Bryan

Last March, we requested from NSSH a copy of our nuptial mass or misalette. NSSH sent us a soft copy of the template. Ate Tess, our contact with NSSH, informed us to atleast provide four copies to be distributed during the ceremony. The important thing is that the priest should have one.

At first, we didn't think of a DIY style of misalette, a simple print out would do, until Bhy saw a sample of a DIY misalette from a couple at Well, we will not copy the idea though; We were thinking of a design that is simple and not costly. So I opened the laptop and created a design in MS Publisher, and for the final design:

A simple, 10-paged booklet style printed black and white in A4 bond paper. Here is the front page:

I printed a couple of samples to get the correct paper feed from our printer to print on both sides of the paper. After getting the correct sequence, I printed several copies.

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